Airtel DTH Recharge for a Stunning TV Watching Experience


Direct to home service came to India in October 2003 after the Government of India gave a nod for using extra-terrestrial satellite for reception and transmission of television signals in India. India is known to be the largest DTH market in the world. There are 6 paid DTH service providers in the country and 2 free DTH service providers, both of them Government owned.

Airtel DTH recharge is the method of topping up or recharge your subscription of Airtel Digital TV (ADTV) service on a regular basis. While one is planning to buy a new DTH connection it is always a good idea to read comments and reviews from industry experts and existing customers of the service providers.

While the Airtel DTH recharge is one important feature and a great benefit to the users, some of the other positives of Airtel DTH services are:-

  • The picture quality driven by ADTV is absolutely stunning. The Airtel DTH set-top box has built-in hardware and disks to record programs.
  • The Set-top box has software that has been developed by world renowned Software Development Company called Cisco in India.
  • ADTV allows its users to watch one program and record another TV channel program or record two programs from two different channels simultaneously.
  • It allows its users to set ‘series recordings’ in which the set-top box is set up to automatically start recording all new episodes of a favorite TV program. It has the ‘Live-TV-Pause-Record’ feature to facilitate this.
  • The Airtel DTH service remote is light-weight and a Universal remote. The same remote device can be used for TV functions as well as use it to operate the set-top box. The ADTV remote can work well with any model of televisions, though it needs little reprogramming so that the Airtel DTH remote and the TV remote are paired up with perfection so that a single Airtel remote can help carry out both functions.
  • The Airtel Digital TV provides 75 High Definition channels, one of the highest numbers in the market today.
  • When the user of Airtel DTH switches on the TV it starts from the same channel that he was last watching.
  • Airtel TV allows is subscribers to create four different profiles to store their favorite TV programs.
  • With every Airtel DTH recharge the subscriber gets two free regional top-ups free for life.
  • The Airtel DTH recharge is one of the cheapest plans available in the market today compared to the other paid DTH services in the country
  • Airtel DTH recharge plans are much varied and has more options than any other DTH operator in the market.
  • ADTV is ably supported by a customer support team who are responsible for handling all sorts of customer queries and complaints. Their service standards are unmatchable because the company takes a lot of care to promptly reply to all queries and provide them instant solutions.

The best in the DTH industry is here for subscribers in India to take advantage of.