Nj Wage and Hour Law


Condition laws and regulations and also the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) delineate important protections for Nj workers, entitling these to certain amounts of compensation. Nj wage and hour law covers legal areas like overtime law and minimum wage law, that are essential for any Nj worker to fully understand.

Nj Overtime Law

The overtime laws and regulations in Nj are much like individuals established by the us government. In Nj, any hrs labored over 40 inside a workweek should be compensated sometimes-and-a-half for non-exempt employees. To describe just a little further:

A workweek is really a recurring, 168 (7-day)-consecutive-hour period. Your overtime is definitely calculated within just seven consecutive days that begin and finish on the day that. This prevents your employer from averaging days together or beginning them on several days to deny you overtime.

Time-and-a-half is 1.5 occasions your family rate of hourly pay. For salaried employees, which means dividing your yearly salary (including merit-based commissions and bonuses) by 52 days, then dividing time by 40 hrs. That’s your hourly rate. Multiply it by 1.5 to visit your Nj overtime rate.

Exempt workers are generally salaried workers who redesign $455 per week then drop into the manager, administrative, or professional groups outlined within the FLSA. Whether or not they do or otherwise depends upon their job responsibilities. A staff using the title “mind of ____” isn’t exempt simply according to that title. The responsibilities she or he really performs determines exemption.

Nj Minimum Wage Law

The minimum wage in Nj is equivalent to the government minimum wage: $7.25 an hour or so. Another important minimum wage protections include:

Protections for tipped employees: If one makes over $30 per month in tips, these may count toward your minimum wage credit. However, if you can’t satisfy the minimum wage together with your tipped wages alone, your employer be forced to pay you for that difference. Most Nj restaurants and tip-driven wage environments pay an immediate wage of $2.13 each hour like a safeguard, as recommended legally.

Minors (under 18) aren’t guaranteed the Nj minimum wage, unless of course they operate in the meals service, retail, beauty culture, cleaning and dyeing, hotel and motel, apparel, or first processing of farm products industries.

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